Independent Living

Welcome to Black Swan Care Ltd!

Black Swan Care Ltd has been founded in recognition of the increasing need for enabling care for individuals to continue 'independent living', especially in a home environment where everyday tasks may now be more challenging.

So why choose Black Swan Care Ltd?


Firstly, we DO NOT offer Personal Care. Our business is solely focused on the provision of Person Centred Care, which provides support and help with many everyday tasks both at home and in the community. Depending on a needs assessment, we can tailor our support to what the individual, family or friend feels is needed.

As much as we can, we make every effort to provide a service which suits everyone, but we also ensure that the client’s needs are respected first and foremost. We will never do anything other than what is wanted and requested.

Our sole objective is to ensure that all of our clients are looked after with care, compassion and dignity. Our care is built around the needs of the individual and their family.

Every individual is given access to a service that enhances their lives, and gives every member of a family:

  • Choice

  • Support both emotionally and physically

  • Access to the community

  • Family support

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